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BMC AMI Ops Monitoring (formerly MainView Monitoring) provides centralized control of your z/OS® and z/OS UNIX® environments, taking the guesswork out of optimizing mainframe performance. It reduces monitoring costs, ensures system availability and performance, and minimizes the risk of business services being unavailable.

View your z/OS environment in its entirety

Get a comprehensive view of your entire z/OS environment, including z/OS UNIX, to ensure your mainframe meets the needs of today’s digital business—rapidly, efficiently, intuitively, and at a lower cost.

  • No need to choose—highly efficient resource usage and common data collection lowers costs while ensuring availability
  • Tight integration with intelligent proactive automation prevents problems before they happen
  • Guided navigation to the source of a problem lowers MTTR
  • A modern user interface simplifies monitoring while helping to mitigate the skills shortage

Optimize the performance, availability, and management cost of z/OS and UNIX

Efficient and cost-effective z/OS monitoring

AMI Ops monitor for z/OS

Proactively monitor resources and metrics through a single view and control with BMC AMI Ops Monitor for z/OS.

  • Lower costs: Reap the benefits of efficient resource and zIIP usage by using common collectors and address spaces
  • Free up resources: Automatically detect programs that are wasting resources
  • Prevent issues: Stop problems before they start through integration with intelligent automation
  • Reduce MTTR: Discover the root cause of z/OS-related issues with rapid guided navigation
  • Improve efficiency: Manage an unlimited number of z/OS systems through a single view and control

Find and fix z/OS UNIX problems before they affect the business

BMC AMI Ops Monitor for Unix System Service

BMC AMI Ops Monitor for Unix Systems Services (USS) helps meet digital business needs by monitoring the performance and availability of USS workloads and resources.

  • Prevent issues: Avoid problems with integrated intelligent proactive automation
  • Improve availability: Monitor and manage file system performance, resource usage, and contention to ensure that applications have what they need
  • Reduce MTTR: Discover the root cause of USS-related issues with rapid guided navigation
  • Rapid response: Dynamically alter USS parameters to swiftly handle changing conditions
  • Improve efficiency: Manage the entire USS environment from a single point of control

Lower costs and improve performance with the only alternative to IBM® RMF™

BMC AMI Ops Monitor for CMF

BMC AMI Ops Monitor for CMF is the only high-performance, low-cost alternative to IBM Resource Measurement Facility (RMF). Easy to use, it lowers costs by being more efficient and offloading its work to zIIPs.

  • Lower costs: Reduce costs with highly efficient resource usage, common collectors and address spaces, and extensive zIIP offload
  • Increase productivity: Manage resources with an easy-to-use alternative to IBM RMF
  • Reduce MTTR: Quickly identify workload delays and contention issues on general and specialty processors
  • Improve reporting: Easily relate SMF records for billing (SCRT), performance, and capacity

Toolkit simplifies performance management


BMC AMI Ops SYSPROG Services proactively analyzes z/OS performance issues and notifies you when corrective actions are needed to ensure the availability of digital services. It rearranges workload priorities and expedites the completion of critical jobs.

  • Improve availably: Allow dynamic system changes without the need for an outage
  • Proactive resolution: Locate system bottlenecks for rapid detection and problem resolution
  • Manage priorities: Manipulate workloads to ensure completion of critical jobs

BMC AMI Ops Monitoring helps digital enterprises optimize their mainframe environments

Getting started with BMC AMI Ops Monitoring is easy