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BMC Innovation Labs brings together customers, partners, and employees to accelerate the development of solutions to power the Autonomous Digital Enterprise. Read on for a glimpse of some of our current projects.

BMC Helix IoT Edge

The BMC Helix IoT Edge platform gives customers enterprise-wide visibility and actionable insights across both IT and OT assets. Noteworthy features include:

  • Manages customers’ IoT/Edge infrastructure by providing an analytics and remediation platform to address problems such as performance issues, downtime, poor customer service, and asset inventory management
  • Collects and processes data, analyzes the converged OT and IT data, and provides automation/remediation at the edge
  • Uses machine learning models to enable use cases such as anomaly detection, predictive maintenance, asset inventory, asset life cycle management, and many others

BMC Helix IoT Edge for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles is an extension of BMC Helix IoT Edge. It uses cutting-edge drone technology to deliver the power and benefits of BMC Helix IoT Edge to enterprises with remote operations in industries such as telecommunications, chemicals, and mining.

BMC Helix Control-M Python Client

The new Control-M Python Client, developed by BMC Innovation Labs, simplifies application and data workflow orchestration as a service or on premises. Now available with BMC Helix Control-M. Noteworthy features include:

  • Increased visibility, improved service level agreements (SLAs), and faster—at scale—delivery of data-driven outcomes across hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  • Builds, defines, schedules, manages, and monitors production workflows with ease
  • Empowers data engineers and data scientists to leverage Python programming to seamlessly interact with Control

Automated Data Analysis

Automated Data Analysis is a solution that gives users actionable business insights by decoding their past dashboard creation behaviors. Noteworthy features include:

  • Provides a simple, fast, and innovative way to automate the creation of dashboards
  • Uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to provide impactful insights
  • Leverages voice automation, supporting modern technology and Data Operations capabilities

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