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Only BMC offers a full suite of solutions to address your multi-cloud challenges including asset discovery, visibility to applications and dependencies, capacity optimization, cloud cost management, cloud security, performance and availability, and service management

Accelerate your move to multi-cloud

You need solutions that make adopting and managing multi-cloud smoother and easier for both application migrations (“lift and shift”) and cloud-native application deployments. With BMC you can:

  • Obtain visibility to your data center and cloud resources for a holistic view of IT assets, applications, and dependencies
  • Optimize capacity and adjust IT resources to lower costs and meet changing service requirements
  • Automate cloud cost management and use machine learning to identify anomalies and predict budget overruns before they happen
  • Automate cloud security posture management and leverage integrations with ITSM when changes are needed
  • Monitor performance and availability, see blind spots, and open incidents in ITSM
  • Leverage multi-cloud service management for a secure, seamless service experience

Accelerate multi-cloud adoption for your organization

Migrate efficiently to the cloud

Migrate efficiently to the cloud
  • Understand the business services, assets, applications, relationships, and dependencies involved in your “lift and shift” migration
  • Plan the movement of workloads to the cloud based on simulations and recommendations for capacity rightsizing
  • Use machine learning and predictive analytics to model cloud costs for planning, building the business case, and choosing the cloud provider
  • Schedule resources needed by the services being migrated and optimize resource usage to prevent budget overruns post-migration
  • Strengthen security through automated “find and fix” detection and remediation of misconfigured cloud resources
  • Monitor your hybrid infrastructure from end to end using deep discovery information
  • Leverage integrations with ITSM for governance and change management

Accelerate deployment of cloud-native applications

Accelerate deployment for cloud-native applications

Control cloud costs, improve security, and manage the health of cloud-native apps, allowing developers to do what they do best—write code.

  • Lower cloud costs with recommendations based on advanced AI and machine learning
  • Detect anomalies and predict cost overruns before they happen, giving you time to take proactive, corrective action
  • Perform security checks on cloud resources, identify and prioritize misconfigured resources and vulnerabilities, take automated corrective action, and automatically create an incident in ITSM
  • Monitor for performance and availability and when there’s a problem, detect it and automatically open a ticket in ITSM

Getting started with multi-cloud adoption is easy