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What is the BMC on BMC Program?

At BMC, we don’t just develop solutions; we live them. The BMC on BMC program is our commitment to using our own cutting-edge tools within our diverse business units. From HR to IT, from procurement to sales, we are not just the creators but the first users. This approach gives you solutions that are more than just innovative – they are proven in real business environments.

BMC on BMC Matter for Your Business?

Why Does BMC on BMC Matter for Your Business?

  • Proven in Practice: The solutions you get from us have been rigorously tested and refined in our own operations, ensuring their reliability and effectiveness in real-world scenarios.
  • Insights for Continuous Improvement: As users of our own products, we gain valuable insights that guide continuous product enhancements, translating into more robust solutions for you.
  • Understanding Your Challenges: Having firsthand experience with the challenges of digital transformation, we understand and anticipate your needs better. This ensures our solutions are not just advanced but relevant.
  • Expert Collaboration for Refined Solutions: Our team of experts within Information Systems & Technology (IS&T) and across BMC works closely with product development, infusing our solutions with practical insights from a variety of business contexts.

Explore the full potential of the BMC on BMC program for your enterprise

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BMC Helix in Action

CIO Dashboard

AIOps with BMC Helix Dashboards

Before State: Before adopting BMC Helix Dashboards, IS&T faced challenges in visualizing and reporting data. With a reliance on 700+ dashboards, obtaining health insights around IT infrastructure and services was difficult. Visibility into issues and metrics was a manual and time-consuming process that took hours/days. 

Impact: IS&T teams struggled with creating end-to-end visualizations, resulting in limited usage of existing dashboards. This led to delays in obtaining insights and a limited reporting capability for stakeholders ranging from L1 support to executive leadership.

BMC Solution & After State: A centralized hub was created with BMC Helix Dashboards, offering teams clear and accessible information across infrastructure, applications, and support services. Seamless integration with various data sources provides visualizations, flexible query building, and consolidated views for real-time and historical data and streamlined investigation and troubleshooting.


  • 70% reduction in time required for data analysis
  • 50% less time to investigate and troubleshoot
  • 70% reduction in dashboard maintenance costs
  • 28 dashboards instead of 700+
T&E Procurement Chatbot

The Global Command Center (GCC)

Before State: BMC IT’s Global Command Center was responsible for monitoring and managing all BMC systems, applications, and data centers. The team often faced challenges in efficiently responding to critical alerts and managing a high volume of incidents.

Impact: The GCC encountered challenges in quickly triaging incidents and initiating effective response measures. This led to delays in addressing critical alerts and a prolonged process in resolving incidents, impacting overall system performance and efficiency.

BMC Solution & After State: By utilizing an array of BMC tools, the GCC transformed its incident response process, enabling the team to become more efficient in their role as “First Responders.” These solutions improved the team's ability to quickly triage incidents, understand their impact, and resolve them swiftly.


  •  Significant reduction in average time to notify and triage critical incidents
  •  Efficient management of a large volume of tickets
  •  Rapid response to disruptions
T&E Procurement Chatbot

Sales Enablement Chatbot (Neobot)

Before State: Sales and Pre-Sales new hires relied on the Enablement team for answers to common questions about their onboarding learning path, IGNITE schedule, and sales platforms. Responses took up to one day and there was no automation solution or consolidated knowledge base.

Impact: Operations teams had to manage support tickets on multiple platforms with no centralized ticketing system, leading to delays for users and difficulties in managing tickets effectively.

BMC Solution & After State: BMC Helix Virtual Agent provides a unified and platform-agnostic approach to support ticket creation and feedback. Users can interact with the chatbot easily.


  • Intelligent routing of tickets
  • Ability to identify issues raised by others and view near real-time feedback from users
  • Ability for users to raise support tickets directly from the platform and get instant ticket assignment
  • Time savings of 1,000+ hours for 3,000 users (annual)
  • A reduction of ticket routing from four hours to immediate routing
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T&E Procurement Chatbot

Sales Onboarding Chatbot

Before State: Sales and Pre-Sales new hires relied on the Enablement team for answers to common questions about their onboarding learning path, IGNITE schedule, and sales platforms. Responses took up to one day and there was no automation solution or consolidated knowledge base.

Impact: The lack of automation in enablement requests, coupled with time-consuming manual processes and delayed responses, led to a poor employee experience and raised concerns about dependency on team members as the organization expanded.

BMC Solution & After State: The Enablement team deployed a multi-bot Enablement Virtual Agent (EVA) to enhance the employee onboarding experience with 24x7 availability and real-time resolution to common questions, with minimal manual intervention.


  • Provide location-specific responses and real-time resolution without dependency on the team 
  • Provide a seamless employee experience for new hires
  • 40% decrease in queries to Enablement per quarter
  • 99% accuracy in EVA's response
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T&E Procurement Chatbot

Enabling Agile Development

Before State: Development and database resources often waited days to receive responses to tickets related to code refresh and backup refreshes, causing slow backup requests, slow time to market, and reduced capacity utilization.

Impact: These frequent delays significantly impacted development and database resources, causing longer time-to-market and underutilized capacity.

BMC Solution & After State: BMC Digital Workplace transformed the operational landscape, and the adoption of Control-M Self-Service jobs for common development and database tasks, coupled with an automated ticketing system, streamlined critical processes. This eliminated the need for prolonged ticket-based workflows.


  • 94% database refresh improvement
  • 92% database backup improvement
  • 67% code move efficiency gain

Success with TrueSight Orchestration

Automated Resource Reallocation

Automated Resource Reallocation

Before State: A siloed and inefficient offboarding process led to an average of $100K in waste due to under-utilization and neglect of configuration items (CIs) owned by departing developers.

Impact: The inefficiencies in the offboarding process had a direct impact on financial health and operational efficiency. Additionally, the manual nature of the offboarding process led to delays, errors, and increased operational costs.

BMC Solution & After State: By leveraging TrueSight Orchestration, employee departures could be captured and analyzed to identify CI ownership and automatically reassign them for review, reassignment, or disposal/reclamation.


  • 2,400 developer virtual machines reclaimed annually
  • $100K in recaptured resources per developer
  • 6 hours of monthly manual effort automated
Automated Resource Reallocation

Guest Wi-Fi Provisioning

Before State: Manual provisioning of guest Wi-Fi credentials for thousands of visitors per year was inefficient and ineffective. The support team manually processed each ticket and performed six manual steps per request.

Impact: The inefficiencies in the manual provisioning of guest Wi-Fi had a notable impact on both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Additionally, the manual process increased the risk of errors.

BMC Solution & After State: Leveraging TrueSight Orchestration, the team created a seamless customer experience for auto-provisioning guest Wi-Fi credentials.


  • 10,000 annual guest Wi-Fi requests
  • 2-hour turnaround time reduced to 2 minutes
  • 32K hours of annual effort automated
Automated Resource Reallocation

IT Server Automation

Before State: BMC IT encountered significant operational inefficiencies that raised the risk of errors but also consistently drained valuable time and resources for manual cleanup tasks post incomplete decommissioning attempts.

Impact: BMC IT addressed the challenges by leveraging BMC Helix Digital Workplace, BMC Helix ITSM, and TrueSight Orchestration. We developed an automated end-to-end process for server decommissioning, streamlining the workflow from request to execution.

BMC Solution & After State: BMC IT addressed the challenges by leveraging Helix Digital Workplace, Helix ITSM, and TrueSight Orchestrator. We developed an automated end-to-end process for server decommissioning, streamlining the workflow from request to execution.


  • 9 tasks automated
  • 4-hour time to complete reduced to 10 minutes
  • 98% reduction in rework

Leveraging BMC Helix Continuous Optimization

Idle & Underutilized Asset Identification

Idle & Underutilized Asset Identification

Before State: Idle assets using capacity and dollars contributed to unnecessary expenditure and unnecessary capacity use and an inefficient bottom line.

Impact: Resources were underutilized, leading to increased operational costs and reduced overall efficiency.

BMC Solution & After State: BMC Helix Continuous Optimization provided a comprehensive set of tools and features to identify idle assets, including virtual machines (VMs), by utilizing tags, ETLS, and queries. By leveraging capabilities, teams were empowered to reduce unnecessary spending and free up capacity, addressing root cause.


  • 10% reduction in overall storage spend
  • 50% reduction in idle VMs
  • Ability to reduce VMware licenses and better manage capacity within the power and cooling limitations of the data center
Idle & Underutilized Asset Identification

Cloud Migration & Cost Optimization

Before State: Estimating the cost of migrating resources to cloud environments proved to be time-consuming, manual, and inaccurate. The lack of a streamlined and accurate cost estimation process hindered our ability to make informed decisions regarding cloud migration options, impacting planning and efficiency.

Impact: Resources were underutilized, leading to increased operational costs and reduced overall efficiency.

BMC Solution & After State: BMC Helix Continuous Optimization provides predictable cost estimates based on performance requirements, and it allows for a data-driven decision and execution of cloud migration initiatives.


  • Data-informed recommendations:  BMC Helix Continuous Optimization allows for data-informed recommendations on cloud migration options
  • Predictable cost estimates:  BMC Helix Continuous Optimization enables easy prediction of migration costs to various cloud platforms
Idle & Underutilized Asset Identification

Network Bandwidth Optimization

Before State: The existing network infrastructure struggled to meet the demands of a workforce operating in a hybrid environment and challenged the ability to offer seamless connectivity for employees.

Impact: The mismatch between network capacity and the requirements of a hybrid work model led to connectivity issues.

BMC Solution & After State: BMC Helix Continuous Optimization allows teams to analyze user connections, multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), and internet connections at each site and run "what-if models" to ensure that proper bandwidth is achieved to meet the needs of a hybrid workforce.


  • Ability to analyze and optimize network bandwidth to avoid expenses from under-utilized networks
  • "What-if" models offer predictive data to ensure smooth operations during the ebbs and flows of business needs
Idle & Underutilized Asset Identification

Continuous Data Center Optimization

Before State: Maintaining high resource efficiency within the data center was difficult, and issues related to surge capacity were frequent.

Impact: The inefficiencies in forecasting and addressing surge capacity had a direct impact on data center operations. This hindered resource efficiency and capacity planning.

BMC Solution & After State: BMC Helix Continuous Optimization provided the capability to forecast saturation for computer, storage, and data center infrastructure management (DCIM) resources. This allowed for a more proactive and informed strategy for addressing surge capacity and optimizing resource utilization.


  • Ability to simulate new hardware platforms to determine if an increase would create a CPU bottleneck or other slowdown
  • Ability to identify underutilized resources and simulate consolidation before making purchase recommendations
Idle & Underutilized Asset Identification

Oracle License Usage Optimization

Before State: Database servers that are unused or unoptimized are costly to IT teams.

BMC Solution & After State: BMC Helix Continuous Optimization allows teams to analyze usage on AIX Logical Partition and run "what-if" models against the workload, which can help appropriately size for optimum CPU.


  • Reduction in Logical Partition (LPAR) footprint also causes a reduction in AIX Frame requirement
  • Ability to analyze data and run “what-if” models based on the environment
  • Ability to make recommendations on resizing options that can reduce license costs

Delivering Results with Control-M

SDFC Development Agility

SFDC Development Agility

Before State: Manual refreshes of Salesforce development and sandbox environments at BMC were error-prone, leading to delays that adversely impacted application delivery timelines.

Impact: The manual refreshes of SFDC development and sandbox environments was error-prone, introducing inconsistencies and issues. This caused delays, directly impacting application delivery timelines and creating challenges for the development team.

BMC Solution & After State: BMC addressed the error-prone and time-consuming manual refreshes of SFDC development and sandbox environments by implementing an automated solution using Control-M custom web services, command line interface (CLI) options, Application Integrator, and workload automation functionality


  • 500+ hours per year of system administrative overhead eliminated
  • 6,000 hours per year of Salesforce developer productivity improvement
  • Fully automated notifications
  • Reduced refresh timelines and increased development agility
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SDFC Development Agility


Before State: Manual tasks in the software delivery process slow down delivery, impeding scalability, and thus leaving the team unable to respond quickly to threats and opportunities. This also created bottlenecks in the overall delivery timeline.

Impact: The manual nature of the delivery process resulted in a slowdown, directly affecting scalability and responsiveness. The team faced challenges in adapting quickly to changing circumstances, limiting their ability to seize opportunities and respond effectively to emerging threats.

BMC Solution & After State: BMC implemented Control-M, streamlining the continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) process. This allows for streamlined package and build, security scanning, deployment, and automated testing.


  • 12,000 administrative hours per year avoided
  • 1,500 more deployments per year possible with automation 
  • 7,000 hours per year of productivity improved
  • Increased efficiency and productivity, reduction of manual errors, and fully automated testing
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SDFC Development Agility

Backoffice Developer Agility

Before State: Administrative processes migrating Oracle Application Object Library (AOL) from environment to environment resulted in decreased developer productivity.

Impact: The reliance on manual processes for AOL migration resulted in decreased developer productivity. Administrative workloads increased, creating delays and inefficiencies in the migration process, ultimately affecting the development team's ability to deliver timely and high-quality results.

BMC Solution & After State: Control-M self-service capability was implemented to automate migration of the AOL from environment to environment, enabling faster feedback cycles and reduced administrative workload on developers.


  • 12x faster end-to-end migration completion
  • 400+ hours per year saved in work order fulfillment
  • Improved auditing, compliance, accuracy, and consistency
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SDFC Development Agility

MicroStrategy Duplicate Cache

Before State: MicroStrategy reporting creates duplicate caches of data, giving inconsistent views and resulting in confused and frustrated users.

Impact: The presence of duplicate caches in MicroStrategy reporting created inconsistencies and frustrated users, undermining the data's reliability and hindering the effectiveness of analytics. This inconsistency had the potential to introduce business risks associated with decisions based on conflicting information.

BMC Solution & After State: BMC addressed this challenge by implementing Control-M to systematically clean up duplicate caches of data. This solution ensured that users were provided with a more consistent and reliable dataset for their analytics needs.


  • 200 hours per year of administrative effort eliminated
  • Increase in customer centricity and customer retention
  • Reduced business risk due to conflicted data
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Our Promise to You

The BMC on BMC program is more than an initiative – it’s a promise. It’s our assurance that the solutions we provide are tested, trusted, and tailored to meet the challenges you face on your journey to become an Autonomous Digital Enterprise.

We’ll help you run your business as you reinvent it


We know you have a lot to juggle, so we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. The more you can tell us about your unique business needs, the faster we can guide you to the right solution.

Whether you’re in the early stages of product research, evaluating competitive solutions, or just trying to scope your needs to begin a project, we’re ready to help you get the information you need.

BMC has helped many of the world’s largest businesses automate and optimize their IT environments. Let’s put that experience to work for your organization.