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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Our comprehensive BMC AMI and BMC Compuware portfolio modernizes and mainstreams the mainframe—allowing you to deliver services faster with greater intelligence, resilience, and security for exceptional results.

AMi Topographic
Accelerate Innovation

Accelerate Innovation

Provide exceptional digital experiences by modernizing mainframe application development, testing, and delivery.

  • Increase quality, velocity, and efficiency through a mainframe-inclusive DevOps toolchain
  • Shift-left with automated testing to find and fix bugs fast and avoid bottlenecks in the delivery pipeline
  • Modernize the developer experience to enable greater mainframe innovation
  • Optimize customer experiences and react more nimbly to market changes using KPI dashboards to continuously improve the mainframe application development process

Optimize Ecosystem

Ensure your infrastructure and data are always available while empowering DevOps collaboration with advanced database change management.

  • Optimize service performance, availability, and efficiency with intelligence and automation
  • Quickly backup and recover critical data assets to ensure greater resilience
  • Empower DevOps efficiency by making mainframe database change management as seamless as any other platform
Optimize Ecosystem
Empower Silience

Empower Resilience

Experience next-level operational resilience and transform mainframe operations to improve uptime and increase availability.

  • AI-powered observability, predictive intelligence, and probable cause analysis head off issues before they occur
  • Ensure the right capacity at the right cost for your mainframe environment
  • Empower a new workforce with an intuitive user interface, embedded expertise, and actionable insights

Harden Security

Automatically protect, defend, and respond to potentially crippling cyberthreats on the mainframe.

  • Actionable insights and out-of-the-box policies help incident responders close the window of opportunity for hackers
  • Automatically prevent threats, halt attacks before a compromise, and reduce Mean-Time-To-Respond (MTTR)
  • Reduce risk and strengthen your security posture with policies and recommendations driven by mainframe hacking experts
Harden Security

Optimize and transform your mainframe. Let BMC show you how