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Success Subscriptions

Access services, resources, and guidance to address your evolving needs

BMC Customer Success offers multiple Success Subscriptions to provide the right service at the right time. Our subscriptions address a range of business needs to advance technology adoption at your pace and help you on your journey to becoming an Autonomous Digital Enterprise.

Success Subscription Options

We understand that service needs are not one-size-fits-all. We offer different options based on the level of assistance you desire to achieve your goals.

Key Features

Each Success Subscription is comprised of the features you need to advance you along the adoption journey for achieving outcomes critical to your objectives. Each key feature serves a distinct purpose:

  • Success Management – Your priorities are our priorities and we adjust the type of guidance we provide based on what you need most. From Success Coordination and Success Management that include redeeming credits and planning workshops of increasing duration with a BMC expert to Technical Advisory with a designated technical advisor who will meet weekly based on a tier of availability you choose.
  • Premier Support – You will be aligned to a designated Support Manager to deliver a personalized, elevated support experience with enhanced response service level agreements (SLA), management of critical case escalations, support case governance, and activity reviews.
  • Education – Grow your knowledge at your pace and focus with enterprise learning options or leverage Success Credits to access other Education offerings.
  • Success Credits – Use the Success Credits to access services available in the Success Catalog for achieving your desired outcomes.

By selecting a Success Subscription from the above options, you have access to the level of assistance and services you need to get where you want to go.

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