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BMC AMI Ops for CICS (formerly MainView for CICS Management) is an easy-to-use integrated CICS management solution to monitor, tune, manage, and automatically act before a disruption impacts the business. It combines in-depth performance monitoring with advanced automation to manage traditional CICS and parallel processing environments.

Optimize your CICS environment

  • Quickly and easily troubleshoot problems, thanks to a set of tightly integrated monitoring and automation tools
  • Track critical metrics so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your mainframe performance
  • Prevent service disruptions with automated recovery and notification tasks
Optimize your CICS environment

Start simplifying your CICS management

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Business-ready performance management

Identify and resolve performance issues before they cause problems

Systems Programmer
  • Centralized monitoring: Manage everything from a single user-friendly interface, including the CICS transaction gateway, multi-region operations, and stand-alone databases
  • Automation for maximum performance: Build automation that protects you from outages and streamlines CICS operations
  • Automatic diagnostics: Resolve application issues faster with automatic application trace when a problem first occurs so no resources are wasted trying to recreate problems
  • Business-centric viewpoint: Organize your performance statistics according to the business processes they impact

Low-overhead monitoring with intelligent automation

  • Mission-critical metrics: Track transaction counts, response times, and throughput rates, as well as CICS-managed applications and platforms, including versioning and application response times
  • Historical reporting and analysis: Compare historical and current data, and extract data from third-party applications, to build analytical reports
  • Improved availability: Provide better CICS region availability through dynamic upgrades to the BMC AMI Ops for CICS solution with no required outages of critical business applications
  • Intelligent automation and cost reduction: Automate affordably with an interface that doesn’t require time-consuming REXX coding and minimizes CPU resources

Getting started with AMI Ops for CICS is easy