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BMC AMI Ops Monitor for Java Environments (formerly MainView for Java), an integrated Java systems management solution, provides insight into Java resource usage and its impact on other workloads and applications, allowing you to quickly identify and fix performance problems.

Increase application performance and availability with real-time visibility into Java resource utilization

  • Detect problems before impact and lower mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • View and manage JVMs and your entire mainframe environment in a single graphic console
  • Gain visibility into the performance of the APIs running in IBM z/OS Connect EE™
  • Reduce costs by monitoring the offloading of Java to zIIPs
  • Improve IT productivity by quickly and easily identifying performance problems caused by Java

Unlock the full potential of Java

Gain visibility and actionable insights to the “black box” that is Java

Systems Programmer
  • Gather deep insights with a single click
  • Utilize intelligent alarms to speed problem resolution and repair
  • Optimize Java performance and ensure application availability
  • Customize views to assess application and transaction health

Open your mainframe with confidence as you transform your business for the digital age

VP of IT
  • Gain visibility into z/OS Connect EE APIs and quickly respond to connection issues
  • Auto-discover all JVMs and optimize Java mainframe performance
  • Reduce costs with lower cost ZIIP engines
  • Lower MTTR and improve staff productivity

Understand your application issues with visibility into the JVM infrastructure

Application Programmer
  • Understand if your application is having issues with Java memory management
  • View the details of methods being run in a thread
  • Identify contention issues at a glance
  • Recognize if there are other subsystems causing application issues

Getting started with BMC AMI Ops Monitor for Java is easy