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BMC AMI Ops for Db2 (formerly MainView for Db2 Management) removes the guesswork from performance tuning, enabling you to configure your Db2 mainframe environment for optimal z/OS system performance.

Optimize Db2 Workloads

  • Maintain consistent performance throughout complex, changing application workloads.
  • Minimize your hardware costs by making the most efficient use of your system resources.
  • View information from multiple Db2 systems in a single, unified view.
Optimize Db2 Workloads

Proactive performance tuning

Deliver high reliability and efficiency across your Db2 environment

Database Administrator
  • Critical metrics such as current thread activity, Db2 and buffer pool status, and lockout events to catch exceptions before they can cause problems
  • Dynamic, real-time recommendations for storage resource allocation, dynamic statement caching, and pool usage
  • Automated resource management responds to unexpected workload fluctuations instantly
  • Central, web-based interface consolidates information from all of the BMC AMI Ops products you run

Get in-depth insights

  • Cost control: Reduce your CPU costs by offloading eligible processing to zIIP engines, when available
  • Visibility: Take advantage of sophisticated data views to compare historical and current data or build analytical reports
  • Analytics: Access accounting information and statistics via the Db2 performance management database
  • Integration: Navigate catalog information easily, with integrated catalog management tools
  • Performance measurement: Collect detailed object performance metrics without the need for expensive performance traces

Getting started with BMC AMI Ops for Db2 is easy