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BMC AMI Ops Automation for Data Centers (formerly MainView Automation) provides rules-based, codeless automation to prevent performance issues from impacting your business.

Innovative automation designed for the speed, scale, and complexity of digital business

  • Delivers codeless, rules-based automation, reducing risk to business services and improving staff efficiency
  • Provides dynamic triggers that invoke appropriate actions
  • Enables secure, remote access from any console, so changes can be made anywhere in your environment
  • Resolves problems quickly without error-prone manual troubleshooting
  • Provides a customizable, modern graphic interface that consolidates information from all your BMC AMI Ops products
  • Utilizes Rest API to allow integration with third-party tools and automation actions performed remotely
MainView Automation provides everything you need for efficient problem solving

BMC AMI Ops Automation provides everything you need for efficient problem solving

Get fast, intelligent, and proactive mainframe automation for digital business

BMC AMI Ops Automation for Data Centers finds and fixes problems automatically

Prevent costly service disruptions

Automation Specialist

BMC AMI Ops Automation for z/OS® (formerly MainView AutoOPERATOR) provides a powerful, easy-to-implement data center automation package for your IBM® z/OS® environment. You can quickly implement powerful automation at a lower cost and ensure application performance and availability.

  • Use codeless, rules-based automation
  • Automate your entire IBM® z/OS® environment, no matter the size
  • Simplify operations and improve availability with one-click shutdown and IPLs
  • Ensure automatic recovery and notification actions
  • Reduce the risk of error-prone repetitive actions

Simplify operations and improve availability

Operations Specialist

You need to manage disparate resources as well as critical operations such as IPLs. BMC AMI Console Management for zEnterprise® provides secure access to consolidated monitoring and management of IBM z Systems® environments across the enterprise.

  • Ensure application availability with accurate and faster initial program loads (IPL)
  • Minimize downtime and meet SLAs by quickly diagnosing and fixing problems
  • Lower facility and power costs by eliminating multiple consoles
  • Provide secure remote and local access to system and hardware management consoles (HMCs)
  • View all messages and consoles in a consolidated workbench
“BMC AMI Ops provides a level of monitoring and automation functionality that we didn’t know was possible. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that additional functionality and automation came at a lower price tag than the solution we replaced.” — Keith Haynes, CICS/MQ Administrator, Westfield Insurance

Get started with BMC AMI Ops Automation for Data Centers