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BMC AMI Ops Automation for Capping (formerly Intelligent Capping for zEnterprise) applies automated intelligence to manage business-critical MSU capacity settings to avoid operational risk, optimize costs, and meet the needs of digital demand.

Get control of your capping environment

Automatically manage capping limits to prioritize workloads and optimize mainframe software license costs which can consume 30-50% of the IT budget.

  • Dynamically automate defined capacity MSU settings to optimize your monthly software costs by 10% or more
  • Mitigate business risk by analyzing, simulating, and automatically managing changes to defined capacity settings based on workload profiles
  • Align capacity to business demand by ensuring MSUs are allocated to highest priority workloads
  • Patented technology drives capping adjustments, ensuring the most business-critical services are unaffected

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Optimize resource utilization while minimizing business disruption

Achieve operational resilience by avoiding capacity risk and improving availability

VP of IT Ops
  • Lower risks of delaying high-priority, critical customer-facing workloads
  • Simplify and automate your capping to increase productivity
  • Optimize MSU utilization and peaks – translating into significant cost optimizations

Manage mainframe workload capacity while keeping the budget in line

Director of Capacity Management
  • Easily track LPARs at risk of being capped through simple dashboards
  • Intelligent alerting enables informed decision making if critical work is at risk
  • Tailored Fit Pricing (TFP) awareness takes into account when a workload doesn’t contribute to MLC peak

Dynamically automate MSU capacity and prioritize key workloads

Sr. Capacity Specialist
  • Manage workloads by creating capacity policy across multiple LPARs and groups
  • Maintain capacity neutrality and reduce overall MSU peaks by offsetting capacity increases with descreases across LPARs
  • Meet business demand by ensuring MSUs are allocated to highest priority workloads

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