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As digitization increases, so does the complexity of managing mainframe capacity and costs. BMC AMI Capacity and Cost portfolio increases availability, predicts capacity bottlenecks before they occur, and optimizes mainframe software costs that can consume 30-50 percent of the mainframe budget.

Right-size your environment – ensuring the right availability, at the right time, at the right budget.

  • Balance risk and efficiency to achieve operational resilience with visibility into workload changes that may impact your mainframe availability and business demand.
  • Demystify the management of mainframe software license costs and pricing models, giving quantifiable business insights into technical cost data and their drivers.
  • Diagnose capacity issues before they impact your business with intelligent workflows based on nearly half a century of BMC experience – empowering the next generation of mainframe.
  • Intelligently manage capacity settings of less critical workloads to optimize costs while protecting service levels.
BMC AMI Capacity and Cost

Discuss your options with a mainframe expert

Leverage automated intelligence and data-driven insights for mainframe cost and capacity management.

Increase mainframe availability and avoid risk to meet critical demands

BMC AMI Capacity Management
  • Diagnose potential capacity issues and bottlenecks before they impact the business
  • Visualize cost drivers and their impact to maximize workloads at the lowest cost
  • Empower next generation mainframe staff through intelligent automation, minimizing the risk of knowledge loss from retiring experts

Automate workload capacity settings to avoid risk and optimize costs

BMC AMI Ops Automation for Capping
  • Dynamically automate defined MSU capacity settings to optimize your monthly software costs by 5%-10% or more
  • Mitigate business risk by analyzing, simulating, and automatically managing changes to defined capacity settings based on workload profiles
  • Align capacity to business demand by ensuring MSUs are allocated to highest priority workloads

Demystify and optimize mainframe software license costs

BMC AMI Cost Management
  • Cost reporting dashboards track cost history, efficiency improvements, and analyze system and total cost data with interactive graphics
  • Identification and analysis of workloads driving mainframe software costs (MLC and TFP) help to align cost optimization strategies with business demand
  • Predictive analytics evaluate the impact of IBM software license cost optimization activities for planning and ongoing budget management

Ready to increase mainframe availability and optimize costs with automated intelligence?