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Optimizing performance takes ongoing effort to ensure responsive, efficient, and error-free operation. With BMC AMI Storage Performance solutions, your organization can realize maximum performance for your virtual storage access method (VSAM) applications.

BMC AMI Storage Performance tools maximize data storage capacity, reduce VSAM run time, improve IBM® CICS® and batch performance, and reduce CPU consumption.

  • Optimize the performance, responsiveness, and scalability of existing systems and investments
  • Deliver dramatic improvement in responsiveness, while reducing I/O, storage, and CPU usage
  • Provide the intelligence needed to boost the performance and utilization of existing systems and resources, while reducing administrative overhead
  • Deliver the insights and controls needed to minimize errors, disruption, risk, and waste

VSAM Performance Improvement with BMC AMI Storage IAM

  • Reliable, high-performance alternative to a VSAM Key-Sequenced Data Set (KSDS), a KSDS with Alternate Indexes, an Entry-Sequenced Data Set (ESDS), and a Relative Record Data Set (RRDS)
  • Outperforms VSAM by reducing the number of I/O operations resulting in reduced CPU time, elapsed time, and response time
  • Lowers costs by exploiting 64-bit storage for buffering and indexing, resulting in significant CPU time reduction and improved elapsed time
VSAM Performance
Disk Reorganization

High availability with BMC AMI Storage IAM/PLEX

  • Allows IAM data sets to be shared by multiple CICS regions and batch programs across multiple LPARs in a parallel sysplex environment
  • Removes the single point of failure in many CICS environments
  • Automatically detects unplanned outages and provides automated IAM/PLEX restart and recovery
  • Provides a command for planned outages to allow LPARs to be brought down cleanly for maintenance purposes

Getting started with BMC AMI Storage Performance is easy