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BMC AMI Storage Migration

Migrate data efficiently with minimal disruption

For your IBM® z/OS® environments, demands for availability are constant; however, so are demands for change. With BMC AMI Storage Migration solutions, you can efficiently manage migration and erasure requirements, while delivering the continuous service levels your business needs.

Simplify and secure migrations while minimizing disruption to the storage subsystem

With BMC AMI Storage Migration solutions, you can:

  • Employ dataset allocations that maximize performance and resource utilization, while minimizing disruption and administrative effort
  • Address migration requirements, while meeting stringent service level agreements
  • Consolidate datasets onto higher-capacity disk volumes, so teams can maximize resource and administrative efficiency
  • Consistently and efficiently address data erasure requirements with confidence
  • Streamline migration and erasure efforts to help minimize errors and risk
Simply Migration

Key capabilities


  • Reduces the disruption and application downtime associated with moving whole DASD volumes to new devices
  • Migrates DASD volumes within a single system or attached to multiple systems or LPARS in a shared-DASD sysplex environment
  • Multiple volumes, up to 8,000 or more, can be swapped concurrently and non-disruptively with operating systems, applications, and online systems
  • Supports major hardware providers including IBM®, EMC, Hitachi, and Sun StorageTek
  • Swapping can occur between disks of the same type and vendor, or between disks of different vendors


  • Reduces disruption and application downtime associated with moving whole DASD volumes to new devices for z/VM® and Linux® on Z volumes
  • Can be used to swap multiple volumes concurrently and non-disruptively for z/VM® users while tracking all updates made by z/VM® and virtual machine guests
  • Supports non-disruptive migration of volumes containing z/VM® mini-disks, full pack mini-disks, and volumes dedicated to CMS users, LINUX® on IBM® Z®, and other guests’ file systems


  • Quickly and securely erases z/OS® DASD data from disk volumes
  • Use at the end of a disaster recovery exercise when decommissioning a disk control unit; after re-assigning disk volumes; or when necessary to erase residual data to meet auditing requirements
  • Has earned multiple industry certifications including the Common Criteria Evaluation and Validation Scheme (CCEVS) evaluation and Common Criteria EAL2 Augmented validation for disk erasure
  • Complies with U.S. Government guidelines for erasing computer disks prior to disposal


  • Provides high-performance, non-disruptive or minimally-disruptive movement of z/OS® data sets
  • Can move data sets between disk volumes in the same disk subsystem, or between disk volumes in different subsystems and between different hardware manufacturers
  • Ideal for volume consolidation (e.g. consolidating data from three 3390-3s to a single 3390-9) and to free up UCBs where the number is restrained by operating system limits
  • Use for load balancing to reduce I/O contention within a single DASD subsystem


  • z/OS® tape copy, consolidation, migration, and conversion solution that automates the process of copying and re-cataloging tape-based datasets from one tape media to another including Virtual Tape, Vtape, and VTS systems
  • Supports copying individual files or the entire contents of one or more tape volumes
  • Supports all physical and virtual z/OS® tape devices including IBM® TS7700, Oracle® VTS, Dell®EMC DLm, Bus-Tech® MDL, Fujitsu CentricStor, and Hitachi VTF
  • Supports the following tape management systems: Control-M/Tape, IBM® RMM, CA 1, CA TLMS, and ASG-ZaraTM

Getting started with BMC AMI Storage Migration is easy