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BMC Compuware: Explore Subscription

BMC Compuware is changing the way developers develop. Our products fit into a unified DevOps toolchain enabling cross-platform teams to manage mainframe applications, data, and operations with one process, one culture, and with leading tools of choice. With a mainstreamed mainframe, the mainframe is just another platform, and any developer can build, analyze, test, deploy and manage COBOL applications with agility, efficiency, and precision.

Using examples, demonstrations, and scenarios, the content of the online education subscription provides an overview of BMC Compuware and details the use of this solution to identify and remediate system vulnerabilities.

Note: This content is part of an annual subscription and is regularly updated and changed, without notice, based on product updates, improvements, and additions. During the duration of the subscription, users will have access to the latest content without incurring additional fees or being subject to additional registrations.

Major release:


Good for:

Administrators, Consultant, Developers, Operators, Schedulers

Course Delivery:

Web Based Training (WBT) | 3 heures

Learner Objectives

  • Summarize your understanding of the ThruPut Manager Automation concepts
  • Explain how to perform an Impact Analysis on an application when a piece of code has been changed in a component
  • Illustrate how to install and configure the Egit Eclipse plugin into Topaz Workbench
  • Explain how to move or promote an Endevor element using Topaz Connect in the Topaz Workbench
  • Understand how to modify test assertions
  • Illustrate the objectives of ISPW Source Code Manager along with its key concepts
  • Learn the importance of unit testing on the mainframe and how Topaz for Total Test uniquely addresses this need
  • Explain the basic functionalities of the Topaz Workbench
  • Demonstrate how to diagnose abends effectively
  • Understand the basics of SCMs
  • Learn how to access iStrobe
  • Navigate across iStrobe
  • Learn what content is needed from the customer to ensure that the migration is successful
  • Demonstrate how the ISPW Migration Methodology and Process reduces migration risks

Subscription Courses


  • Video 1: BMC Compuware ThruPut Manager - Concepts and Constructs Overview
  • WBT Course 1: Installing Egit Eclipse plugin into Topaz Workbench
  • WBT Course 2: Topaz Workbench: Promoting an element into Endevor
  • WBT Course 3: Topaz for Total Test Virtualized – Modifying Existing Test Cases
  • WBT Course 4: ISPW SCM 100: Basics
  • WBT Course 5: Topaz for Total Test Introduction
  • WBT Course 6: Topaz Workbench Basics
  • WBT Course 7: Abend-AID 101: Key Features and Benefits
  • WBT Course 8: iStrobe Overview
  • WBT Course 9: ISPW and SCM Overview