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Real-time, cross-platform views of mainframe operations data in a single console

The mainframe does not operate in a silo—it depends upon multiple systems across the enterprise. BMC AMI Datastream for Ops simplifies operations, improves availability, and enables analytics integrations.

  • Enterprise-wide visibility. Achieve 360-degree operational visibility. Dispersed data are now centralized in a single console, empowering mainframe operators and security analysts to see the full context of operations.
  • Performance & operations analytics. Monitor and diagnose operational problems leveraging external analytics that can detect both out-of-the-box and customized use cases.
  • Database activity monitoring. Scan and monitor essential CICS® and IMSTM operations data, detecting issues in real time so you can troubleshoot sooner.
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Capabilities & benefits

The capabilities of BMC AMI Datastream for Ops simplify operations and improve availability.

  • Near real-time streaming. Switching from batch intervals to near real-time data streams minimizes detection and response times. The ability to detect performance issues in seconds, versus a batch interval, can be the difference between responding effectively to a potential incident—or missing it altogether.
  • Data filtering. Receive only the data you need, so you can minimize resource consumption and storage requirements, reducing overall cost.
  • Out-of-the box formatting. With installation complete, BMC AMI Datastream for Ops can deliver straight to Splunk, with more integrations coming soon.
  • Critical system monitoring. Monitor critical systems, such as z/OS, CMF, z/OS for UNIX, CICS, and IMS, for performance issues and to prevent downtime. Additional system support is on the way.
  • Minimal resource consumption. Consuming only necessary resources keeps impact to the mainframe low, safeguarding uptime and productivity.

Enable enterprise-wide visibility & real-time performance monitoring.