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Leader in cloud contact center software delivers on its 99.99% SLA with multi-cloud monitoring and proactive service management


SLA compliance




performance alerts

Business Challenge

inContact’s cloud contact center software supports over 200,000 customer service agents employed globally by more than 120 Fortune 500/Global 2000 companies, and by government agencies in the U.S. These organizations rely on inContact for always-on availability and fast performance to deliver exceptional customer service experiences. As a recognized cloud solution market leader, it has an industry-best published service level agreement (SLA) rate of 99.99 percent. To consistently hit that benchmark through its inContact Customer Interaction Cloud, the company’s IT team must closely monitor the health of its on-premises data center and the servers hosted by Amazon Web Services.

BMC Solution

TrueSight uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide real-time monitoring and alerting that speeds the detection of and response to impending issues. TrueSight also enables IT to optimally align capacity with business demand, while BMC Helix Remedyforce provides insight into the health of critical systems.

Business Impact

The BMC solutions provide visibility into spikes or abnormalities, uncovering potential issues and enabling rapid response that keeps performance at SLA-mandated levels.

  • Second-by-second monitoring of time-sensitive metrics helps ensure SLA compliance and minimize performance degradations.
  • Real-time display of performance data via intuitive dashboards along with email alerts and automatically generated tickets provide extensive system visibility.
  • Using TrueSight to determine the need for additional virtual machines translated into a nine-month payback period.

“TrueSight solutions help us stay ahead of the game in maintaining healthy systems to support our customers’ call centers.”

— Ken Wood, Senior Manager, Enterprise Management Tools, inContact

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