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Data Pipelines

Simplify and scale data pipelines

  • Get a 360-degree view of data pipelines at every stage—from ingestion and processing to analytics
  • Ingest and process data from platforms like Airflow, Google dbt, DataBricks, Spark, Google Dataflow, Snowflake, Azure Data Factory and Amazon EMR
  • Resolve SLA issues before they become critical

Comprehensive support

Orchestrate workflows and integrate data from multiple sources, including Machine Learning platforms, Enterprise Data Warehouses, ETL functions, Business Intelligence systems, cloud services, and more.

Powerful, simple interface

Build and schedule jobs through wizard-like forms that include dropdown menus to simplify selection of the correct parameters and prevent input errors. Use the same terms as the original application (DAG, Task, Atom, Pipeline, Robot, etc.)

Self service

Allow users to monitor and manage their own workflows from any browser. Specific checkpoints can be set to monitor the quality of the service at a high level.

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Hybrid and Multi-cloud

Seamlessly manage application workflows across hybrid and multi-cloud environments

  • End-to-end orchestration of complex application workflows across clouds
  • Manage workloads anywhere, any time—including AWS, GCP and Azure
  • Out-of-the-box support for key AWS and Azure cloud services
  • Leverage the flexibility and scalability of cloud ecosystems

Cloud support

Automate application workflows across on-premises data centers, and hybrid, public, private, and multi-cloud environments.

Full BMC Helix Control-M functionality

Access the advanced orchestration features of BMC Helix Control-M in the cloud.

Built for the enterprise

You get an enterprise-class solution for complete management of business application workflows.

AWS Services support

Native support for AWS Lambda, AWS Step Functions, AWS Batch.

Microsoft Azure support

Native support for Azure Logic Apps, Azure Functions, and Azure Batch.

BMC Helix Control-M Application Integrator authentication

Use secure methods to access the services on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), AWS, Azure, Oracle and Alibabaservices.

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Managed File Transfer

File transfers delivered on time, every time

  • Improve visibility and control by integrating file transfers with related application workflows
  • Intelligently manage file transfers from a central interface
  • Securely move files to and from AWS S3
  • Cut time between file transfers and subsequent processing steps

File transfer and business service alignment

Business services, which include both file transfers and related non-file transfer workflows, can be monitored and managed in a single interface.

Transfer files securely

Files can be transferred with Amazon S3, Google, Azure and Oracle cloud storage, FTP, secured FTP (SFTP), FTP over SSL, with PGP encryption, while also being FIPS compliant.

Automatic recovery

When network failures or outages cause a file transfer to fail, you can automatically recover and restart the failed transfer from the point of failure or from the beginning.

Centralized configuration

Authorized users can deploy and upgrade on every end point from a centralized configuration interface.

Built-in file transfer server

Eliminate the need to use third-party file transfer servers. The file transfer server supports secured transfer and authentication and can be configured and managed from the central configuration interface.

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Power your business with orchestrated SAP® workflows

  • Manage and integrate SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA, SAP BW, and data archiving jobs
  • SAP job definitions can be imported using Control-M’s conversion tools
  • Effectively manage processes like O2C, P2P, payroll, year-end/month-end closing, archiving, and more
  • Act on SAP event triggers with continuous monitoring and user-defined follow-ups


Easily create, manage, and orchestrate complex SAP services, jobs, processes, and workflows, across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments

Improve Efficiency

Centralized orchestration for SAP ensures faster delivery of business services and includes change tracking and auditing on all definitions and accesses

Securely Manage

Securely manage the dependencies and silos between SAP and non-SAP tasks (e.g., file transfers, database access) and centralize management of scheduling activities

Simple User Interface

Flexible, intuitive user interface allows users to build automated workflows with low-code wizards, templates, and a drag and drop UI

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Enable your teams to build, run and manage their workflows on their schedule

  • Deliver secure access for differing roles across the organization with a robust, intuitive web interface
  • Tackle complex challenges with ease
  • Automatically enforce security policies and ensure compliance
  • Be up and running instantly

Manage what matters

Users can easily see business service status with color-coded tiles to indicate service status and additional details.

Access workflow details

Job-specific operational actions (such as hold, skip, rerun, or kill) are available from an intuitive menu.

Compliance auditing

Actions taken by users are captured in audit logs and reports generated by BMC Helix Control-M.

Improved security

Built with security in mind to ensure consistency and eliminate the need for separate procedures to define and manage users.

Enhanced capabilities

Detailed welcome pages allow new users to quickly become proficient, and advanced search and find/update options speed routine interactions.

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SLA Management

Deliver critical business services on time, every time

  • See what matters most with a clear graphical view of business services
  • Stay in the know with automated alerts and predictive SLA delay detection
  • Access job details for remediation

Focus on business services

Prioritize services that are critical to the business by defining their SLAs in BMC Helix Control-M so all job details are tracked automatically.

Automatic monitoring

Potential delays are detected quickly so users have ample time to prevent impacts to their business.

Automatic problem resolution

Leverage BMC Helix Control-M to send out notifications, open service desk tickets, and trigger automatic corrective actions when a potential delay or failure is detected.

Root-cause analysis

Quickly identify and analyze potential delays with analytics that use historical data to predict jobs run times, critical path analysis, execution time windows, and statistical trends.

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Building Job Types

Integrate, automate, orchestrate any application workload

  • Innovate faster by rapidly integrating new applications and technologies
  • Improve critical services by designing job types for service needs
  • Leverage crowd-sourced job types from a community of experts

Modern workflow management

Easily build flexible and repeatable workflows, using a graphical or an as-code approach, eliminating inefficient designs, saving time, and reducing risk.

Support any application

BMC Helix Control-M job types support a variety of application interfaces, including Web Services, REST APIs, and command line.

Easy to use

Intuitive web-based designer enables developers and schedulers to avoid scripting, promote reuse of template parts of flows, and integrate functional requirements with minimal efforts.

Crowd-sourced community

The Application Integrator Hub allows users to share job types and easily deploy them in their environment.

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Site Standards

Ensure compliance with organizational best practices and standards

  • Improve application quality with compliance embedded into the application workflow
  • Increase business agility with a scalable platform that accelerates application workflow changes by up to 80%
  • Guide workflow creators with information they need to conform to operational best practices and standards

Federated IT

Enable application developers, DevOps engineers, and business users to build, validate, and deploy new application workflows using graphical or code-based interfaces.

Collaborate and innovate

Casual users unfamiliar with BMC Helix Control-M can easily collaborate with subject matter experts.

Site standards

Define and enforce standards for job names, application categories, and other elements.

Validate workflows

Application workflows created with BMC Helix Control-M interfaces or third-party IDEs and text editors can be automatically validated to ensure compliance. Proposed changes can be submitted for formal approval.

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Workflow orchestration embedded in your DevOps toolchain

  • Take a Jobs-as-Code approach with JSON and REST APIs to accelerate application build, test, validation and promotion
  • Extend collaboration between Dev and Ops
  • Cut costs and improve quality by finding defects and bugs earlier in the software development lifecycle


Version, test and maintain application workflows with Jobs-as-Code – helping developers, engineers, and SREs collaboratively manage them in production.

Workflow orchestration at your service

Packaged services automate functions essential for creating, testing, promoting, and running business services and the workflows they depend on.

Developer tools

Automate how workflows are built, tested, deployed, and run using your existing CI/CD toolchain.


Version workflows using Git or any similar version control solution and support ephemeral infrastructure for automated deployment of test and production environments.

Enterprise support

Empower developers to access the broad application integration for managing built-in and custom job types.

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Discover and convert third-party schedulers automatically

  • Reduce errors by eliminating manual conversions
  • Cut costs by decreasing conversion times
  • Simplify conversion with automation

Automatic discovery

Using BMC Helix Control-M or BMC Helix Discovery, automatically identify Cron and Windows Task Scheduler workloads throughout your environment.

Convert any scheduler

Easily convert home-grown, proprietary and other application schedulers with our conversion tools that evaluate, convert, and load application workflows to BMC Helix Control-M automatically.


Build your own conversion rules for any file format that can be extracted or transformed into text, using BMC Helix Control-M’s web interface.

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