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BMC AMI Utilities for Db2® (previously High-Speed Utilities for Db2®) modernize data management with a centralized, intelligent architecture designed to handle the complex problems facing IT today.

Easily manage, protect, and secure growing amounts of data

  • Avoid costly downtime, outages, and risk
  • Efficiently handle data management tasks across your Db2 environment, without taxing Db2 resources
  • Use adaptive automation to manage growing amounts of data and streamline complex data management processes
  • Provide dashboard-based visibility into utilities usage for strategic decision-making

Connect with a database management expert

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Ensure stability across your Db2 environment

Ensure your data is always available and your applications run smoothly

  • Keep databases up and applications fully available throughout backup, recovery, and reorganization
  • Maintain full read/write access to data during copy, load, unload, and reorg
  • Reorganize databases with zero application outages

Quickly backup and recover critical data assets to ensure greater resiliency for your business


Choose your recovery method with options for restoring to a point-in-time copy, rolling back changes, or migrating data seamlessly to a brand-new table space or subsystem.

  • Maintain data integrity for unstructured data with LOBMaster
  • Protect data integrity with online structural and referential integrity checks
  • Collect and analyze comprehensive performance statistics to address issues early and determine when to reorg

Empower Dev and Ops teams to co-create with the most timely and accurate data available

  • Automate and simplify data management processes
  • Use advanced algorithms that self-manage buffering, perform I/O operations at the lowest possible level, and process thousands of objects in a single statement
  • Keep data optimized and organized with fast, fully online no-sort reorganization processes
  • Drastically reduce the time and cost of daily database housekeeping operations

Getting started with BMC AMI Utilities for Db2® is easy