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Ensure corporate and regulatory compliance with BMC AMI Recovery for Db2® which proactively automates, estimates, simulates, and reports compliance.

Proactively ensure compliance with recovery time objectives and SLAs

Automatically manage data resiliency for your business. BMC AMI Recovery for Db2® ensures your data is always recoverable, so your applications are always running, your business is always on, and your customers are always receiving a transcendent experience.

  • Meet your Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) with comprehensive, easy-to-recover backups
  • Automate, accelerate, and streamline backup and recovery jobs
  • Reverse damaging changes to operational data
  • Estimate and simulate disaster recovery scenarios
  • Use proactive health-checks to ensure compliance
  • Comply with GDPR requirements for recovery timeliness
  • Provide dashboard-based visibility into recovery activity for strategic decision-making

Powerful dashboard-based reporting for recovery activities

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Explore how to prepare and recover from disaster

Reduce the risk of disaster by preparing for it


Disasters are inevitable, but prolonged downtime doesn’t have to be. Prepare for disaster with BMC AMI Recovery for Db2®—so you can recover quickly and easily.

  • Simulate disaster scenarios to verify recovery processes, resources, and timelines
  • Quickly create complete, data-consistent backups with no downtime
  • Automate common backup and recovery tasks for groups of database objects
  • Choose backup techniques based on your data size—or let the tool autonomously manage object-by-object backups for you
  • Maintain data integrity with multi-level checks that validate table spaces, indexes, and column data

Minimize downtime with automated recovery tasks


When disaster strikes, automated recovery tasks from BMC AMI Recovery for Db2® minimize your downtime.

  • Choose whether to back out database changes from the current state, recover forward from a point-in-time copy, or recover into a new table space with online data migration
  • Improve data integrity and reduce processing time with finer control over batch job restarts
  • Automatically build SQL to perform recovery tasks based on your Db2 logs
  • Use backups to ensure recoverability and perform other database tasks like data migration
  • Estimate, simulate, and prove your recovery in a timely manner to ensure compliance with mandates such as GDPR
“With BMC AMI Recovery for Db2, we can clone our data in hours rather than weeks and have no problems with data consistency afterwards." — Ronny Schneider, Head of Db2 Databases, HUK-COBURG

Getting started with BMC AMI Recovery for Db2® is easy