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What's New in Mainframe Solutions

Learn what’s in our October 2022 release

Featured Innovations

  • Eliminate the complexity of the mainframe development experience with VS Code extensions that enable new developer talent to be productive faster
  • Gain an enterprise-wide view of system capacity, shorten MTTR, and further simplify mainframe complexity
  • Reduce database change risk with Advanced Triggers for Db2

Empower mainframe developers with modern tools of their choice

BMC AMI DevX Workbench for VS Code provides extensions for mainframe developers to access the tools they are familiar with to be productive, efficient, and faster. The extension pack for VS Code integrates best-in-class BMC solutions for mainframe software development, including coding and debugging.

  • Intelligently browse and edit source code and still maintain code integrity using the Lock Acquiring Mechanism to avoid code merge issues
  • Connect to Host Communications Interface (HCI) to search and filter data sets and members
  • Batch debug mainframe applications, including COBOL, PL/I, C, and Assembler programs
  • Manage connections to mainframe systems (Edit/Delete/Login & Log Out)
  • Submit jobs for various operations like purge, cancel, and resubmit

View system-wide capacity & shorten MTTR

BMC AMI Ops significantly simplifies and transforms mainframe operations to help you meet the most critical demands for business continuity. Recent improvements help facilitate an enterprise-wide view of system capacity, identify causes for workload issues, and enhance the intuitive user interface.

  • Enable a system-wide view of capacity that includes the mainframe to maximize resource utilization and forecast future needs, with enhanced integration between BMC AMI Ops and BMC Helix
  • Quickly pinpoint the cause of mainframe workload issues to save more time with diagnosis and remediation efforts
  • Stream mainframe events and alerts from BMC AMI Ops to Apache Kafka for a consolidated view of system events on the Kafka platform
  • Understand how typical JVM events may be affecting resource usage
  • Better understand mainframe performance with user interface improvements that include consolidating performance data from multiple views into a single, consolidated display of information
  • Simplify mainframe operations by leveraging improvements to the user interface

Reduce database change risk, data loss, and downtime

BMC AMI Database Administration for Db2 and BMC AMI DevOps for Db2 solutions offer improved database changes with automated change management support for IBM® Db2® Advanced Triggers with BMC AMI Change Manager for Db2. As a result, teams can prevent data loss, errors, and downtime and reduce change risk and manual interventions.

  • Support more types of SQL statements, including SQL PL control statements, and Dynamic SQL statements enabling advanced automation capabilities for the modern mainframe
  • Enable greater automation, reduce manual intervention, and increase the velocity, quality, and efficiency of database changes
Reduce database change risk, data loss, & downtime