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What's New in Mainframe Solutions

Learn what’s in our January 2023 release

Featured Innovations

  • Increase developer productivity by automating repetitive development tasks, enabling mainframe developers to focus on delivering innovation faster and more frequently
  • Control mainframe capacity more easily and better predict your needs with custom alerts and triggers
  • Focus on next-gen DBA productivity with a new UI and enhance DBA/developer collaboration that improves shift-left SQL performance tuning
  • Quickly uncover and address security gaps with new out-of-the-box compliance standards and data reporting

Automate the CI/CD pipeline and eliminate repetitive tasks

BMC delivers new extensions for GitHub Actions and Azure DevOps as well as new plugins for Jenkins that enable developers to automate and integrate the CI/CD pipeline for build, test, and deploy so they can spend more time creating new code.

  • Speed the delivery of application changes by running CI/CD test workflows immediately after updating a piece of code using the BMC Compuware Topaz for Total Test extensions for Azure DevOps, Jenkins, and GitHub Actions
  • Leverage repeatable and dependable test environments to run tests more frequently using the BMC Compuware Topaz for Enterprise Data plugin for Jenkins
  • Automate code quality checks using the BMC Compuware ISPW Source Code Downloader extension
  • Automate common operations on the mainframe with the BMC Compuware ISPW Operations extension for Azure DevOps

Control mainframe capacity and protect system resiliency

The latest enhancements to BMC AMI Ops solutions help you protect your system resiliency by making it easier to control and stay ahead of mainframe capacity issues.

Alert features within BMC AMI Capacity have been redesigned to provide more flexibility and greater insight. Now you can customize alert rules, set alerts to trigger when approaching minimum/maximum settings, filter by severity, and customize how they're organized.

Control mainframe capacity and protect system resiliency

Leverage a new UI for a new type of DBA

BMC AMI Data continues its focus on the next generation of DBAs with an enhanced user experience and productivity improvements, as well as a new feature for DBA/developer collaboration with shift-left SQL performance tuning benefits.

Bolster your threat posture

BMC AMI Security now offers new, out-of-the-box DISA-STIG reports to help ensure STIG compliance with regulatory requirements, data enrichment of the SMF logs to allow deeper analysis of events occurring on the system and increasing the accuracy of threat identification, and zIIP offloading capabilities to minimize CPU usage.

  • Access enriched mainframe data, zIIP enablement, and support of z/OS commands for better and resource-friendly analysis with new integrations with LogAnalytics and BMC Compuware zAdviser
  • Quickly uncover and address security gaps with new out-of-the-box compliance standards and data reporting
Bolster your threat posture