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Proactively manage IMS full-function databases and high-availability large databases (HALDBs) to ensure availability, data integrity, and performance. Solve issues with IMS databases reaching size limitations.

Simplify and automate full-function and HALDB maintenance

Through an intuitive web-based user interface, BMC AMI Full Function for IMS allows you to:

  • Reorganize databases while they are online and available to applications
  • Partition without the restrictions of HALDB
  • Ensure data integrity
  • Enable intelligent compression

Intelligently manage Full-Function and HALDB databases

Reorgs with no outage


Well-organized databases are essential for optimal application performance, but database reorganizations traditionally require lengthy outages. BMC AMI Full Function for IMS solutions enable you to reorganize – with virtually no downtime – so that your applications are available when your users need them. With these solutions you can:

  • Reorganize databases while they are online and being updated
  • Reorganize just the parts of a database that are causing performance problems
  • Ensure optimal application performance with well-organized databases
  • Save CPU resources by taking an image copy of the reorganized database as part of the reorg process

Ensure data integrity, implement compression, and partition full-function databases easily


BMC AMI Full Function for IMS solutions enable you to get the most from your IMS databases, regardless of which type of database structure you use.

  • Proactively monitor database space usage, ensure data integrity and availability, and improve performance by identifying internal database problems
  • Ensure data integrity by preventing online and batch programs from using the wrong IMS control block
  • Reduce database reorganization and image copy run times by 30%-50% with compression that allows you to select the best compression method to match your data
  • Implement database partitioning without the restrictions of HALDB

Getting started with BMC AMI Full Function for IMS is easy