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BMC Helix OnPrem Advisory Service


This service will provide advisory practices related to the BMC Helix OnPrem Solution by analyzing Customer requirements and providing hardware sizing, technical architecture, and best practice configurations.

What you get:

This Service helps Customers understand their OnPrem environment requirements, while offering the opportunity to communicate with a BMC assigned architect to prepare them to build their own containerized environments. 

BMC will perform the following:

  • Conduct a workshop with Customer to understand their OnPrem environment requirements
  • Provide Hardware Sizing Document and relevant Information based on Customer’s requirements
  • Prepare a High-Level Architecture Document and share best practices after understanding Customer’s IT ecosystem

BMC will provide this Service with one of the approaches below:

Delivery Options Success Credits Required
ITSM Country-Specific Staffing* 19
ITOM Country-Specific Staffing 19
ITSM & ITOM Country-Specific Staffing 29


Deliverables: Using BMC’s standard methodology and templates, the following Deliverables are in scope for this project and will be delivered:

  • Hardware Sizing Document
  • High-Level Architecture Document

Completion Criteria: BMC will have completed the Service when the in-scope Service have been completed and the Deliverables have been reviewed in accordance with the Terms of Use and delivered to the customer Project Manager.


  • Preparatory call between Customer and BMC to establish goals and objectives
  • Identify Customer stakeholders to be engaged and agree to the timing of this Service
  • Provide details on the Customer’s environment

For example:

  • Customer requirements, Goals, and objectives (Business and BMC Product Capabilities strategy)
  • Customer’s knowledge of containerization technologies
  • Knowledge of Customer’s IT landscape

Additional information:

  • Estimated Duration: 
    • ITSM only – 10 days
    • ITOM only – 10 days
    • ITSM + ITOM – 15 days
  • In-scope Products: BMC Helix Service Management, BMC Helix IT Operations Management, BMC Helix ITSM, BMC Helix Digital Workplace, BMC Helix Knowledge Management, Smart IT (Progressive View), Helix Dashboard, Helix ITSM Insights, Helix iPaaS
  • Service Type: Advisory & Planning 
  • Availability: Active
  • Success Service Code: 
  • Date Last Updated: 3/20/2024

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