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BMC Client Management 20.x: Fundamentals Administering - Part 1 (ASP)

This 3-day course provides the knowledge and critical skills necessary to administer BMC Client Management, with major focus placed upon Core and Remote and Inventory Manager features.

This course is designed for beginner BMC Client Management administrators who want to learn how to install the product, deploy agents, and collect basic inventory information. Students will learn in a fast-paced environment created to transfer the maximum amount of Client Management expertise in a minimum amount of time.

Major release:

BMC Helix Client Management 20.x

Good for:


Course Delivery:

Assisted Self Paced (ASP) | 24 heures

Course Modules

  • Installation & Initial Configuration
    • Installation
    • Topology and Architecture
    • Installation on Microsoft Windows
    • Console Navigation and Installation
    • User Preferences
    • Active Directory
    • Global Settings
  • Configuration
    • Asset Discovery
    • Agent Rollout Creation and Deployment
    • Modifying Rollout Properties
    • Devices and Device Groups
    • User and User Groups
    • Operational Rule Basics
  • Inventory and Asset Management
    • Review of Inventory Types
    • Collecting Inventories with Operational Rules
    • Financial Asset Management
    • Application Management
    • Inventory Filters
  • Remote Management
    • Introduction
    • Remote Manager Capabilities and Access Rights
    • Configuring Remote Access
    • Using Remote Control (Java Console)
    • Using Remote Control (Web Browser)
    • Using Remote Control (Unmanaged Device)
    • Configuring Remote Control Recording
    • Managing and Using Direct Access