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BMC AMI Ops Monitor for CICS® 7.x: Fundamentals for Workloads and Historical Transactions (WBT)

The BMC AMI Ops for CICS® solution helps system programmers manage their IBM CICS environment by providing visibility and panel-driven, rules-based automation around transaction performance and availability.

The BMC AMI Ops Monitor for CICS (also referred to as BMC AMI OpsM for CICS) product is a part of the BMC AMI Ops for CICS solution. It uses real-time data to show the performance of CICS regions. The BMC AMI Ops Monitor for CICS data collectors sample and measure system workloads or system resources at intervals that you define. This course provides the essential knowledge required to work on CICS systems.

Note: BMC AMI Ops Monitor for CICS was formerly known as MainView for CICS.

Major release:

BMC AMI Ops 7.x

Good for:

Operators, System Programmers, Administrators

Course Delivery:

Web Based Training (WBT) | 3 heures

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Workloads in CICS
    • Workload Menu
    • Workload Definition View
    • CWKLDDEF Primary Commands
    • CWKLDDEF Line Commands
    • Workload Definition View
    • Workload Current Interval
    • Response Type Goals
    • Response Type Summary
    • COBJ Related Views
    • Response Delay Percent
    • Response Delay Types
    • Application Response Summary
    • Current Interval Views
    • CPU Time Goals
    • Workload Current Session
    • Response Delay Percent and Type
    • Real-Time Views
    • Workload Period Analysis
    • Transaction Rate / Min
    • Transaction Counts
  • Module 2: Monitors in CICS
    • Types of Monitors
    • Starting a Monitor
    • Monitor Views
    • Data Collection and Monitors
    • CSOVER Related Views
    • CSOVER and CMON Commands
    • Current Interval
    • Current Session
    • Combination Views
    • CSERVC Related Views
    • Active Monitors Views
    • Monitor Services Views
    • Monitor Requests Summary
  • Module 3: Delay Analysis in CICS
    • Delay Analysis
    • Delay Data Points
    • Delay Analysis Menu
    • Administrative and Analysis Views
    • Delay Monitor Data
    • Real-time Analysis by Group and Type
    • Delay Monitor Data Analysis by Resource
    • CDELAY Related Views
    • Target Definitions View
    • Commands for CDLYDEF View
    • Delay Analysis Definition EZMenu
    • Resource Groups and Views
    • Active and Summary Definitions
  • Module 4: Historical Data in CICS
    • CMRSUMDN Utility
    • History Menu
    • Organized Historical Data
    • Historical Data Views
    • Historical Transactions
    • History Detail Menu
    • CHIST Related Views
    • Correlation Data
    • CHISTQ Family Views
    • Historical Data Search
    • Summarized History for Previous Half Hour
    • CHISTORY Dialog Box Options
    • Validation of Selection Criteria
    • CHISTORY Selection Options
    • CHISTH Views
    • Exceptions Delay Details
    • Interval History Views