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BMC AMI Ops Infrastructure 7.x: Fundamentals Using the User Interface (WBT)

BMC AMI Ops User Interface (BMC AMI Ops UI) is User Interface or (UI) component of the BMC AMI Ops Infrastructure deployed on your z/OS environment. The web interface provides an easy way to access the data generated by the performance and automation products of the BMC AMI Ops monitored environment. With BMC AMI Ops UI, you will be able to proactively monitor the overall health of your systems and optimize the cost of detecting problems across systems.

This course is designed to introduce you the architecture, key components and features of the BMC AMI Ops UI. With the help of this course, you will learn to quickly navigate between various pages of the user interface and access BMC AMI Ops monitor, and insights data, and take appropriate actions. As you progress through the modules, you will have gained skills to create and manage dashboards, examine alarms, manage data views, investigate events, evaluate system status, view historical data, and generate analytical insights.

BMC AMI Ops monitor

Major release:

BMC AMI Ops 7.x

Good for:

Operators, System Programmers, Administrators

Course Delivery:

Web Based Training (WBT) | 2 heures

Course Modules

  • Working with BMC AMI Ops UI Views
    • Monitor data via BMC AMI Ops Views
      • Views and contexts in views
      • Open and refresh views
      • Show and hide data in views
      • Viewing historical data
      • Examining views with threshold conditions
      • Examining views with hyperlinks
    • Performing Actions from Data Views
      • Actions on tabular and details views
      • View modes
      • Use case scenarios
  • Getting Started with BMC AMI Ops Insight
    • Overview of BMC AMI Ops Insight
      • Product features and goals
      • Process overview
      • Data Insights Workflow and Components
      • System requirements
      • Accessing and logging in to BMC AMI Ops Insight
    • Key Concepts
      • Monitor Categories
      • CPU KPI group
      • Workload KPI group
      • Contention KPI group
      • Real storage KPI group
      • Virtual storage KPI group
      • I/O KPI group
      • BMC AMI Ops UI vs AMI Ops Insight
  • Working with BMC AMI Ops Insight
    • Events page overview
    • What is a Z-Score?
    • Analyzing active events
    • Investigating Events with PCA
      • Viewing Affected KPI groups
      • Events timeline
      • Limit breaches and breach indicators
      • Event classifications
      • Exceptions
    • Investigating Events Progression
      • Filtering events
      • Evaluating performance from timeline
      • Evaluating performance from graph view
    • Evaluating System Status
      • Based on KPI group
      • Switching displays
      • Exporting data
      • Evaluating timeline
      • Switching displays
      • Exporting data
    • Tracking Historical Events and Exceptions
      • Viewing historical events and actions
      • Viewing exceptions
    • Viewing analytics