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Tech Mahindra Uses Containerized BMC Helix to Help European Telco Scale

Data Security

for data sovereignty compliance


for rapid fault resolution

Significant Savings

due to multi-system consolidation


Tech Mahindra is an Indian multinational information technology services and consulting company. With $6 billion (US) in revenue and more than 158,000 global employees, Tech Mahindra ranks in the top five among India’s IT firms and number 47 overall on the Fortune India 500 list.

Business Challenge

Tech Mahindra won a major bid to enable a major European telecommunications company to migrate to a converged platform capable of supporting its IT Operations Management (ITOM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) processes.

With multiple on-premises systems, the provider felt its operational efficiency was being impacted by a lack of integrated processes. Service desk and IT operations teams couldn’t see accurate, real-time data across both service and operations management processes, impacting business agility. The leadership team viewed these operational challenges as a major impediment to the overall growth of the business.

Data sovereignty is paramount for the provider. Regulations stipulate that no data is permitted to leave the local country, and no out-of-country resources are permitted to access systems or data.

Complicating matters, the provider amassed 100-plus integrations with other independently managed business-critical systems over its many years of operation.

Additionally, any solution would need to accommodate current usage and processes, which entails support for 5,000 engineers, 25,000 end users, and 1,000 business-process approvers, with the ability to scale to accommodate rapid business growth with excellent performance, resilience, and high availability within two years of implementation.

With these unique parameters, the company’s goal was to consolidate its data and processes to enable optimized, agile processes and real-time business insights.

BMC Solution

Tech Mahindra was engaged by the telecommunications provider to help solve these challenges. Given the data sovereignty requirements, most traditional SaaS offerings were out of the running. Given the telco’s large, complex, and heterogeneous environment, Tech Mahindra turned to BMC Helix Service Management, which offers a containerized version.

BMC Helix provides AI-powered service management to drive faster problem resolution and deliver an improved employee experience. Additionally, BMC Helix Discovery was added to enable the identification of all assets and services across both on-premises and hybrid cloud environments.

A major reason Tech Mahindra chose BMC Helix was for its modern, containerized architecture that enables:

  • Run anywhere: Can be deployed on-premises, in a private cloud environment, or in public cloud, which helps satisfy the data sovereignty requirements.
  • Growth over time: Easy to scale to support the multi-phased project and the customer’s organic growth
  • Modern integrations: Highly efficient and scalable support for REST and Web Services integrations
  • High availability: A stable, resilient, and high-performance platform

Tech Mahindra implemented four Kubernetes clusters on Amazon AWS (EC2) to run BMC Helix. Across these four Kubernetes clusters, Tech Mahindra successfully deployed and configured four distinct environments using the BMC Helix Deployment Manager, which automates deployment of the containerized BMC Helix software.

The Tech Mahindra project team was new to both Kubernetes and the BMC Helix containerized architecture. Using a public cloud provider enables the necessary scaling required while better matching costs to the customer’s actual usage. The combination let them realize the benefits of this modern architecture with rapid deployment to meet project timelines.

Business Outcome

To accommodate the complexity and mitigate any risks associated with the transition, a multi-phased implementation over 18 months was essential for the success of the project.

  • Successfully migrating the first wave of users and capabilities from the legacy on-premises systems to BMC Helix Service Management
  • Implementing CMDB and Asset Management capabilities, which are foundational components of all other platform capabilities
  • Deploying Incident, Problem, Change, and KnowledgeManagement, aswell as the interfaces supporting the CMDB data ingestion and publishing.

The option of deploying a containerized version of BMC Helix enabled Tech Mahindra to deliver this first phase on time and on budget.

“The new containerized Helix platform was easy to deploy and provides the flexibility and scalability we need to support this multi-phase project and the customer’s future growth. Very impressive!”

— Akhil Shukla, Head of Customer Delivery, Tech Mahindra

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