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With BMC’s LOBMaster for DB2 you can manage and validate unstructured data automatically to ensure the stored data is intact.
IBM Systems Magazine: Keep Data Out of Danger

Use the right tools to implement your large-object strategy

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Ensure your data is intact

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Get help with unstructured data

Automatically manage your complex LOBs with zero application downtime

DB2 LOBs and unstructured data have become a growing concern to database administrators (DBAs) who must manage the massive amounts of datasets, indexes, and new data. True management of LOBs requires constant execution of four different utilities: CHECK DATA, CHECK INDEX, CHECK LOB and REORG – in the correct order. These checks are time and resource intensive and if they are not done correctly your data integrity is at risk BMC LOBMaster for DB2 simplifies data management by consolidating all the required processes into a single, high-speed solution that:

  • Checks the integrity of all LOB objects
  • Reports on all errors
  • Corrects any errors that can be corrected
  • Minimizes resource usage
  • Reduces utility times and resources
  • Facilitates deployment of new applications with LOBs

Proactively validate LOBs as part of routine maintenance while online

LOBMaster for DB2 eliminates the need to run multiple utilities that potentially bring an object offline. It will perform all the required LOB maintenance, while leaving all objects online for application processing without requiring SORT calls.

  • A single command consolidates the required steps to validate, maintain, and correct LOB data
  • LOBs are validated during REORG, LOAD, and UNLOAD processes, eliminating the need to run CHECK INDEX, CHECK LOB, and CHECK DATA
  • Adaptive parallel processing techniques reduce elapsed times and can spread work across a sysplex environment
  • Applications maintain full access to the LOB data during a reorg
  • Powerful reporting capabilities show you the size of the LOBs you have
“Assuring the performance of DB2 databases and applications is an imposing task that keeps getting more complex all the time. It makes sense to arm your DBAs with modern tools so you can optimize DB2 performance and thereby deliver superior service to your customers.” — Craig S. Mullins, President, Mullins Consulting, Inc.


Getting started with LOBMaster for DB2 is easy

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