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Watch the Tech Day“The Science and Practical Application of AI/ML/NLU and Edge Compute”

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Birds, Bees + Robots

The volume of data that is generated by both humans and machines is beyond traditional methods to capture, interpret and make effective decisions. In the world of Service Operations the importance of leveraging AI and ML has become essential to gain the necessary insights to maintain, deliver and enhance service offerings.

Watch our immersive and engaging sessions to gain insights on practical approaches to AI & ML and how BMC Helix Solutions help organisations reimagine their IT Strategies, on the journey to becoming an Autonomous Digital Enterprise.

You will have the opportunity to hear from BMC thought leaders and product experts. Listen to Ted Style talks, demonstrations and more.

What you will learn:

  • Swarming – Patterns of emergence and self-organisation are something we see many examples of in life. As human beings, aided by technological advancements in AI, we can interact as agents in a swarm, in a way that amplifies our individual intelligence to combine our tribal knowledge and insight, converging on a single unified decision. An engaging and entertaining session you’ll find fascinating
  • Clustering – In this session we understand the clustering algorithms which have taught us so much in other scientific applications and daily practical applications, that are now also playing a key role in the world of Service Management and Service Operations, including AI driven abilities such as major incident management, proactive problem management, change risk assessments and more to come
  • Intelligence in your Observability – In this session we learn how Observability goes beyond monitoring, it is about building visibility into every layer of the business services accessed by your end users. Learn how BMC Software exploits algorithms such as T-Digest and Random Cut Forest to achieve these goals
  • Natural-language Understanding - Ever wondered how a Chatbot understands the context of a conversation and can be so effective in responding accurately? This session delves into how BMC Software is leveraging Natural Language Understanding to drive a Transcendent Customer Experience
  • Edge Computing - We are seeing exponential growth of IoT and OT devices, each device has a multitude of sensors and management functions and requires specialist knowledge to understand, manage, operate, and diagnose. Learn how BMC Helix Edge gives you the ability to Manage IoT devices whatever they are through the collection of key information and analysis of the data to make intelligent decisions

BMC helps customers run and reinvent their businesses to succeed in new and better ways.

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