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Track-It! 11.1: Administering

This 3-day instructor-led training class is designed specifically for those responsible for installing, configuring, and managing their Track-It! products. Attendees will learn how to apply help desk best practices to configure and manage their BMC Track-It! products through workshop exercises.

Included in this course is an optional examination for BMC Accredited Administrator: BMC Track-It! 11.x.

Major release:

Track-It! 11.x

Recommended Prerequisites:

Good for:


Course Delivery:

Instructor Led | 24.00 heures

Course Modules

  • Installation
    • Track-It! System Requirements
    • Server Requirements
    • Client Applications
    • Audited Platforms
    • Installation Models
    • Installing Track-It!
  • Administering Technician Access
    • Creating Technician Accounts
    • Understanding Security Policies
    • Modifying the Default Security Policy
    • Creating Security Policies
    • Assigning Technicians to a Security Policy
    • Creating Technician Queues
  • Data Setup and Database Concepts
    • Understanding Lookup Tables
    • Categorizing Work Orders
    • Defining Work Order Priorities
    • Remaining Lookup Tables
    • Other Significant Track-It! Tables
    • Backing up Track-It!
  • Configuring
    • Administration Console Overview
    • Configuring Administration Options
    • Configuring Help Desk Options
    • Configuring Solutions Options
    • Configuring Purchasing Options
  • Using the Directory Importer
    • Directory Importer Overview
    • Selecting a Directory Service
    • Importing Technicians and Users while Assigning Licenses
    • Understanding the Field Mapping Options
    • Automating the Import Schedule
  • Setting up Workflow Automation
    • Understanding Event Policies
    • Creating Service Level Agreements
    • Creating Skill Routing Policies
    • Creating Work Order Templates
    • Working with Schedule Work Orders
  • Change Management
    • Change Management Overview
    • Defining Different Types of Change
    • Classifying Change Requests
    • Understanding Change Management Roles
    • Setting up Change Management Roles
    • Setting up Change Management Policies
    • Configuring Notifications for Change Management Events
    • Customizing Notification Templates for Change Management Events
    • Scheduling Notifications for Change Management Events
  • Discovery and Audit
    • Managing IT Assets
    • Understanding Asset Discovery
    • Managing Discovered Assets
    • Understanding Audit and Audit Components
    • Using the Administration Console to Configure Audit Options
    • Configuring Audit Execution
    • Scheduling Automatic Auditing
    • File Capture Information
    • Setup Credentials for Windows Installation
    • Merging Audit Results
    • Customizing the Print Output
    • Performing a Distributed Audit
    • Changing the Audited Software Approval Status
BMC Accredited Administrator

Accreditation is available upon successful completion of this course.