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The financial services industry is in the midst of a dramatic transformation.

As tech-savvy millennials become the predominant demographic, both as employees and customers, banks and investment firms must constantly innovate to remain competitive.

Meanwhile, the security, stability, and performance of back-end systems continue to be top of mind for industry executives. See how BMC solutions can help address these key business drivers and help businesses thrive in an environment where time (and uptime) is money.

Solution Brief: Digital Transformation in Financial Services

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Business drivers behind Financial Services IT

With customer satisfaction below 40%, banks are gearing up to leverage the vast amount of data available to them to learn more about their customers.


Firms are eager to make good use of all the data they've collected about customers and their transactions. Securely managing that data to provide a more meaningful, context-aware experience for customers is challenging for many IT organizations.

IT challenges:

  • Effectively manage big data environments such as Hadoop
  • Simplify batch processing
Solutions for infrastructure consolidation:

Banks and firms are turning to automation to respond to an increasing number of regulations and policies.

Proactive IT Compliance


As the number of internal and external policies and regulations mount, firms are increasingly pursuing automation as a means to effectively ensure ongoing compliance while consuming less time and fewer resources.

IT challenge:

  • Comply with government mandates and company policies regarding handling of a growing amount of sensitive data
Solutions for proactive IT compliance:

As consumers are provided always available, everywhere access to financial data and transactions, more and more are taking everyday advantage of these services.

Consumer-driven demand


As the number of front-end financial transactions increase, the corresponding demand on back-end systems is reaching unprecedented levels.

IT challenge:

  • Ensure the performance and availability of back-end systems to efficiently deliver front-end digital services to customers

With the changing market landscape, the financial services industry is undergoing consolidation.


Large institutions look to quickly acquire digital capabilities and smaller institutions seek to enter new markets. To remain competitive, IT organizations need to be able to quickly and effectively assess inventory, consolidate assets, integrate data from disparate systems, and optimize infrastructure.

IT challenges:

  • Identify infrastructure assets across disparate environments
  • Rationalize and consolidate data centers and infrastructure components
  • Interface disparate systems to aggregate data and information
“Our members can now do mobile banking on any platform from anywhere they are. From getting a car loan to depositing a check, and do it all without going into a branch location.” — John Leach, Sr. Network Administrator, CBC Federal Credit Union