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Millennials will form 50% of the global workforce by 2020. Companies need to attract and retain younger employees by meeting their expectations in the workplace.

Millennial employees (those born between 1980 and 2000) are proficient in all the technologies at their disposal, and they demand greater freedom in managing how, when, and from where they work. As an HR professional, you need to deliver services to all employees while operating with a limited budget and resources. You want to find innovative ways to provide timely services without compromising security and policies. Furthermore, you must rigorously protect confidential employee data from malicious and accidental breaches.

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Empowering the Workforce
Empowering the Workforce
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4 ways to achieve success in today's digital workplace

Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%

Employee Engagement

An "engaged employee" is one who is fully committed and enthusiastic about their work. Providing a frustration-free, productive work environment goes a long way toward promoting more engaged employees. Delivering the right information or service at the right time not only increases employee productivity but also increases employee satisfaction.

Deliver a modern digital workplace to attract and retain millennials

Workforce Retention

Tech savvy millennials have a choice of where to work and expect their work environment to support their way of working. If it doesn’t, they will go elsewhere. From their first day of onboarding to their daily work life, millennials expect a workplace that is digital, self-service, and efficient. In fact, according to a PwC survey, 41% of millennials say they prefer to communicate electronically at work than face to face or even over the telephone.

  • HR Case Management: Empower employees with a personalized app store, self-service access to knowledge and policies, and genius bar capabilities.
  • BMC Digital Workplace (formerly MyIT): Deliver a modern digital workplace experience with an intuitive self-service app that allows employees to search knowledge articles and policies, log and track their cases, and book appointments with HR.

Leverage automation and best practices to simplify HR processes

Streamlined Processes

For HR professionals to be productive, they need modern tools to deflect routine calls, improve employee communication, and eliminate paper-based forms. To this end, HR leaders strive to standardize and automate processes, reduce calls through intuitive self-service portals, and engage the workforce with digital technology.

  • HR Case Management: Hundreds of pre-built HR workflows and templates help deliver value fast; intuitive eForms enable HR to turn manual forms into digital services so data can be captured electronically.
  • BMC Digital Workplace (formerly MyIT): Reduce the number of calls and emails that HR receives daily, lowering support costs, improving customer satisfaction, and freeing staff to work on higher value projects.

Protect unauthorized access to sensitive employee data

Employee Privacy

The use of digital technology is not without risk. Safeguarding confidential employee digital records requires strict enforcement of policies. HR must keep confidential employee data safe, and audit compliance with the necessary security controls.

  • HR Case Management: Supports multi-tenancy and complex logical data separation to ensure workers can only view information permitted by their role and authority.
  • SecOps Response Service: Keeps both security and operations teams aware of any potential security threats.
  • BladeLogic Server Automation: Immediately and automatically delivers security patches to servers when needed.
"In a digital workplace, technology planning expands to include human capital and consumerization trends." — Gartner Report: Creating a Digital Workplace Execution Strategy